Why Invest

Growing market rapidly converting to LED Hide Show

We anticipate that LED lighting will rapidly replace the currently dominant traditional lighting technologies. The application of LEDs in the general lighting market continues to represent a global opportunity for growth.

LED adoption drivers:

  • Longer lifespan;
  • Less energy consumption;
  • Greater design flexibility for specifiers;
  • Environmental benefits;
  • Government incentives and regulations.

Leading pure-play provider of specification-grade LED solutions Hide Show

Lumenpulse was founded in 2006 with a goal of becoming a world leader in high-performance and sustainable specification-grade LED lighting solutions

We are a pure-play company
We target the specification-grade lighting solutions market segment exclusively, where we believe our attractive value proposition is recognized and sought after by specifiers, with our products' versatility, consistency and quality of light, durability, sustainability and controllability being key differentiating factors.

We believe we have a distinct advantage by being a pure-play specification-grade LED lighting solution provider with no market share to protect associated with traditional lighting technology.

The specification grade market
The specification-grade lighting solutions market segment represents approximately 60% of the general lighting market for fixtures and controls, with estimated revenues of approximately $55 billion in 2016.

Lumenpulse targets the specification-grade lighting solutions market segment exclusively.

Superior products & technologies Hide Show

Combining innovative technology with strong industrial design

We believe that our strong industrial design and innovative technology expertise has given us a significant competitive advantage; allowing us to rapidly capture market opportunities and introduce innovative LED lighting solutions.

Our LED lighting solutions provide many benefits over traditional lighting technologies, including decreased maintenance costs and greater design flexibility.

We have launched over 400 LED products spread across several distinct product families, for which we have received several awards and recognition.

Well-established sales channels Hide Show

We believe our sales force, strong network and distribution channels are competitive strengths

We have built an internal direct sales force and a strong network of agents and value-added resellers (VARs) in North America. These long-term relationships have allowed us to stay close to the needs of our customers and develop lighting solutions for today and the future.

Expanding international footprint

We have a direct sales force in France, a network of 14 agents in Italy and an office in London, England to support growing sales in the EMEA and APAC regions.

We are represented by VARs in South-East Asia, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and Scandinavian countries.

Strong growth profile Hide Show

Our sales grew at 51% CAGR from Fiscal 2013 to Fiscal 2016

Our Growth Strategy

Leverage our current network
We intend to increase investments in programs designed to gain even stronger visibility with our current partners and specifiers and drive more demand.

Expand our market with new products
Our product offering and technology platform is expandable to other product categories and applications, thereby offering an attractive opportunity for expansion.

Expand international channel
We believe that the international market for specification-grade LED lighting solutions is large and growing rapidly. This market is currently underserved by Lumenpulse as we only recently began deploying new channels outside North America.