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Tipo di progetto: Infrastruttura, Urbano
Luogo: , Colorado, Stati Uniti
Proprietario: Central Platte Valley Metropolitan District
Lighting Design: Clanton and Associates
Ingegnere: Arup
Design architettonico: ArchitectureDenver
Fotografo: Ryan Linton


The colour-changing capabilities of Lumenfacade and Lumenbeam luminaires turn the Denver Millennial Bridge into a beacon for pedestrians.

Millennium Bridge

The Denver Millennium Bridge is the world's first cable-stayed bridge to use a post-tensioned structural construction. In 2014, the Central Platte Valley Metropolitan District, the taxing authority that owns the Millennium Bridge, worked with Clanton and Associates to update the bridge's lighting to LED lights. The Lumenfacade and Lumenbeam luminaires saved the district money by improving the energy-efficiency of the bridge's lights by 80%.

The colour-changing capabilities of the Lumenpulse luminaires also allow the bridge's iconic spire to be illuminated in different colours for holidays and special occasions. The 200-foot white, tapered-steel mast, which rises from the middle of the bridge, is emboldened against the city's night sky and ushers pedestrians across the bridge thanks to the Lumenbeam luminaires and their coloured, glowing welcome.  

The Lumenfacade luminaires, which wash the bridge's exterior and lets wayfinding light through the mesh of the bridge's safety walls, allow the bridge to be located from some distance when walking the city at night. Both the Lumenfacade and Lumenbeam luminaires creates a wayfinding aid and heightens safety on the bridge while also highlighting the bridge as a distinctive beacon in the Denver night.  


11 x Lumenbeam Grande RGBW, Very Narrow 6°
14 x Lumenbeam Large RGBW, Very Narrow 6°
37 x Lumenfacade HO, 1', 35K, 30°x60°
1 x LumenID DMX

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